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A Decentralized Platform for App Development

Implement app features with one line of code and reconfigure them live with Fathom Modules

Earn FTHM tokens for your data as modules automatically collect analytics into Fathom channels

Spend FTHM to purchase pure Channel data or generate tailored smart reports with Fathom Insights

Or apply AI to automate your app's live operations by subscribing to Fathom Agents

A Token Economy for Data Science and Live Ops

Build Fathom Modules to deliver plugin app features and earn FTHM for all data they collect

Host Fathom channels to provide universal analytics and earn FTHM for every query served

Author Fathom Insights to share new understanding and earn FTHM for all data they service

Create Fathom Agents to automate live ops and earn FTHM  commission from every subscription

The Fathom Team

    Team member

    Andrew James Carter


    Andrew James Carter joined the app industry in 2012 after completing his PhD in Astrophysics with a speciality in statistical modelling. He started out as an analyst at mobile gaming company NaturalMotion just as their latest title, CSR Racing, was breaking records on the appstore. He would later become the primary analyst for NM’s next record-breaking game, Clumsy Ninja. In 2015, Andrew moved his data science skills to Exient and became the company’s first Director of Live Ops. Andrew’s experience both using and developing live ops solutions for both companies is now brought to bear creating a universal live ops economy under the Fathom Token.

    Team member

    Shane Prince


    Over his career Shane has worked on proprietary cross platform game engines, assessed game project viability and managed game projects from inception to live operations. He has contributed to multiple sports titles and a number of AAA titles within the mobile space. With over 13 years’ technical experience delivering market-leading titles to millions of users, Shane provides technical direction for Fathom and leads the development team.





    Team member

    Jennifer Manson


    With a background in computer science, Jennifer built two successful businesses of her own before making the shift into production and management in the games industry. Her diverse career history ranges from software development to freelance journalism; and her key strengths lie in communication, team development, project realisation and cultural vision.







    Team member

    Natalie Griffith

    Brand and Marketing Director

    Natalie started in the games industry in 1991 as a graphic designer, later spending five years as the editor of Official Nintendo Magazine Australia, eventually joining Blitz Games Studios, where she established and ran the PR & marketing team for 12 years. Forming her own agency in 2013 (Press Space), she now supports a wide array of games and technology companies (as well as a number of bands) with their brand, marketing, communications and social media strategies.

    Team member

    Michael Savaglia

    Junior Developer

    Michael joined us on a one year contract during the placement year of his degree in Computer Games Programming. As well as being a talented coder, he has aptitudes in communication and has shown an unusual degree of curiosity and insight into business management strategy and the mechanics of launching a tech startup.



    Team member

    Ann-Marie Pulaski

    Community Manager

    Ann Marie has impressive community management experience from the games industry after being a key part of the community team at award-winning game developer Radiant Worlds during their closed alpha testing of sandbox creative MMO SkySaga. She brings these skills into her role of supporting the growth and participation of the Fathom community, and provides US-based real-time engagement across all our official social and communications channels.


Our Advisors


    Nikola Tchouparov

    CEO, Moneyfold | Advisor, Oraclize

    Nikola has been actively involved in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space for the past 5 years, educating diverse audiences on the benefits and risks of the technology. He has successfully mined & traded several cryptocurrencies, invested in ICO projects and built regulated financial services using smart contracts. His focus is 100% on public blockchains like Bitcoin and Ethereum.

    In his previous career, Nikola spent 8 years implementing trading & risk management platforms at a number of investment banks in Europe, Africa and North America.


    Alex Amsel

    Co-Founder, Ownage

    Alex is an award winning game developer and blockchain expert. Having run a game development studio for over 15 years, he moved into the blockchain field in late 2012. In that time Alex has been investing in, advising and consulting for a number of start-ups, individuals, and organizations.

    He co-founded Ownage in order to research how game content could be revolutionised through the use of blockchains. In 2017, this resulted in giving the first ever blockchain talk at the world's largest game developer conference and the external keynote at King's internal conference.


    Oscar Clark

    Games Industry Consultant

    Oscar Clark is consultant specializing in project-based Executive Production. A pioneer in social games services since 1998, he was Vision Lead for British Telecom's Wireplay, one of the first online games communities, Global Lead for Digital Games at Hutchison Whampoa (3UK) and Home Architect for PlayStation®Home. He has also worked as an Evangelist for Papaya Mobile, Applifier and Unity Technologies.

    An author and sought-after speaker, his first book, "Games As A Service - How Free To Play Design Can Make Better Games" was published by Focal Press.